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Do you want to be HAPPY, PEACEFUL & RICH ?


Is it desirable that Money & Spirituality go together ?


Is it possible that Money & Spirituality go together ?


Is there a pathway to Spiritual Bliss with Material Prosperity ?

Discover the answers to all the above questions in Spiritual Billionaire workshop...

Why Spiritual Billionaire Workshop ?

Almost all our problems are due to

1. Lack of Spiritual Growth

2. Lack of Money/ Material Prosperity

Growing Spiritually as well as in Money(Material Prosperity) is the solution to all problems like Stress, Poor Relationships, Unhappiness, Boredom, Poverty, financial issues, etc.

But since centuries, it is believed that Money & Spirituality don't go together and because of this we are facing problems at the level of Individuals, family & Society like Poverty, Stress, loneliness, Poor Relations, Unemployment, pollution, terrorism, crimes, wars, etc.

Spiritual Billionaire trainings are meant to overcome all the above problems and create a society where people live a happy Peaceful & Prosperous life.

What you will learn in Spiritual Billionaire mindset workshop :

  •  3 Accounts when increased will create Unlimited Wealth
  •  5 Major Mental Blocks which is sabotaging your Money Flow in life
  •  What keeps a person Poor, Middle Class or Rich
  •  One Most Fundamental Neglected Spiritual principle by many
  •  How to find Money Making Opportunities
  •  How to improve your relationship with Money.

By the end of the Spiritual Billionaire mindset workshop you will :

  • Be ready to start a new & empowering way of living life
  • Know in one day Prosperity & Spiritual Principles which Most people never learn in Lifetime.
  • Discover Blocks & Barriers holding your success
  • Realize that you can be Very Rich as well as Spiritual if you wish so..
  • New Possibilities will open up which you never thought possible
  • Your Relationship with Money will go to next level.
  • You will have Opportunity to go to next step in becoming Spiritual Billionaire.


Mr. Jitendra Gupta

  • Happiness and prosperity coach, motivational speaker
  • Only trainer in world to conduct Spiritual Billionaire workshop
  • Earned in 1 month what he used to earn in 1 year.
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Invented “Spiritual Billionaire” concept and started training in different cities like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Solapur etc…
  • Intended to reach 100000 people in year 2016
  • Over 10 years of experience in training of sales, finance, parenting, spiritual and personal development etc...
  • Connected with SSY culture since 2004.
  • Trained thousands of people for their personal and professional growth

What people have to Say about this workshop:

Photos from the Spiritual Billionaire Workshop:

Date, Time & Venue:

  • Wednesday 6th July 2016
  • 8.45 am to 6.45 pm.
  • Matrumandir, Choice Health Club Premises, McDonald’s Lane, Opp Harshal Hall, Kothrud, Pune

Spiritual Billionaire Workshop is a result of :

  • Many years of Intense & Continuous Research, Contemplation & Practice on Money & Spiritual Principles
  • Lakhs of Rupees spent in Trainings, Coaching, Research
  • The Principles you will learn actually work in Real Life.

Investment towards the session:

The worth of the workshop is minimum INR 100000, but since we want this knowledge to reach to masses, the price has been kept at an affordable level, so most of the people can join and be benefited.

Price of the course : INR 7500/-
Early Bird Discount : INR 2500/- (Till 25th June)
Total Investment: INR 5000/- per person 

Total number of seats:


Registration Process:

Registration will be confirmed only after receiving the investment amount either via Bank Transfer or Direct cash deposit in bank account.
Registration is based on first come first serve basis.
Last date for registration: 25th June 2016 / till seats are available.

Bank Details:

Bank Name: Axis Bank
Account Name: AAKAR Foundation
Account Number: 915010026129479
Branch: Sadashiv Peth, Pune
IFSC Code: UTIB0001437
Account Type - Saving

Request you to please do following, after payment is made:

1. Send the screenshot of transfer/transaction/deposit slip to and Inform Manish Jain on the cell number(s) given below, for tracking purpose

2. Enter your details  at the link given below for our record  purpose:

Testimonials from participants :

"I was eagerly waiting for this workshop since last 6 months & today I am blessed by the fresh wisdom about “spiritual Billionaire”. I receive the complete clarity as to how spirituality & money (matter) are connected to each other & it actually one not separate from each now no block is present in my consciousness"

- Sandeep M. Chandorkar – Project Management professional (Pune)

"This workshop is a fantastic experience! I have changed the way I am perceiving my present life scenario, the way in which promotes me. Rather than going for limited prosperity, excel myself into unlimited prosperity.
I strongly recommend to do through this soul searching workshop to all who are seeking a life of their dreams"

- Chandrahas Umrania – Interior Designer, Trainer (Mumbai)

"It is workshop that you must attend if you want a sustainable method to achieve spiritual & material (money) growth as well as go beyond the boundaries of your imagination. But for that you must implement the principles from workshop"
- Sagar Munot–Textile Manufacturer (Solapur)

Contact for queries:

Manish Jain - Cell Number : 8180952595 / 9823108321 (WhatsApp)
In case not picked, please drop an SMS / WhatsApp message

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